Humane Society of Huron Valley rescued animals

(Photos: Humane Society of Huron Valley)

108 Animals Rescued From 'Deplorable Conditions' At Ann Arbor-Area Home

Shelter is now "bursting at the seams"

June 22, 2018 - 1:29 pm

ANN ARBOR (WWJ) - Animal cruelty investigators from the Humane Society of Huron Valley have rescued more than 100 cats, dogs and birds that were living in "deplorable conditions" at a home northeast of Ann Arbor.

The group says the owner, who lives in Salem Township, called himself a "hobby breeder" -- but didn't have a breeder or kennel license. 

Animal Cruelty investigators found 39 exotic cats with 20 kittens, 18 purebred dogs and 16 puppies, 14 chickens, and an African Grey parrot "forced to live among piles of feces, slimy water bowls and even a food bowl full of maggots." Some were allegedly confined in a basement with no ventilation. 

All of the animals are currently being treated and cared for by veterinary and other HSHV staff and volunteers. 

“We are deeply grateful to the staff and volunteers who are showing these poor animals what real love is,” said Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV CEO, "and to the Good Samaritan who tipped us off about this situation. Like many breeders and sellers who advertise online, this one had the appearance of being a fine place to buy a puppy or kitten.  The reality was far different.  When folks don’t insist on seeing how all the animals, including the parents, are cared for, they don’t realize they may be contributing to animal cruelty.”

Humane Society of Huron Valley rescued animals
Photo: Humane Society of Huron Valley)

 Investigators will be seeking charged in the case. 

“When it’s all about money, unfortunately, animals often pay the price, living in unsanitary conditions without adequate medical care, nutritious food or anything that might decrease profit,” says Michele Baxter, HSHV’s Cruelty & Rescue Manager. “This individual was selling puppies and kittens from $1100 to $1800, so there was no excuse for their poor care.”

Many of the animals were found matted, underweight and suffering from a variety of health and behavioral issues, according to the group. 

Meanwhile, due to this rescue, and another recent rescue of 71 animals, the HSHV shelter is now packed full and "bursting at the seams."

While these latest rescued animals need ongoing medical and supportive care, and are not yet available for adoption, HSHV has hundreds more who are ready and waiting for loving new homes. 

With that in mind, HSHV is waving some and discounting other adoption fees for a limited time — adult cats are FREE, kittens are adopt-one-get-one-FREE, and adult dogs’ adoption fees are 50 percent off.

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