photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell

1,900 Auto Workers Go On Strike At Faurceia Plant

June 21, 2019 - 10:10 am

SALINE (WWJ) - Production at an auto parts plant has come to a grinding halt after 1,900 workers walked out on strike.  

Employees at the Faurceia plant in Saline walked off the line just after 12 a.m. Friday. 

UAW Local 892 representative Dwayne White said workers are demanding better wages, better working conditions and profit sharing.  

"We're waiting on them. They're still negotiating so we're just waiting on them to let us know if they came up with anything else. We're out here now, standing united with each other," White told WWJ's Mike Campbell. "They didn't think that we were going to do it. They underestimated the power of the union, underestimated the power of being united, standing together, one voice."

The plant pays $12 to $17 an hour. Line worker St. Clair Mitchell says he and others are getting short-changed on their bones.

"We here in the springtime, when Chrysler, Ford and GM gets these 5-6-7, $8,000 bonuses and we're getting $200 when we're making most of the parts for them to build the finished product -- that's a gut punch," he said.

Lisa Fuller, who works on the line with consoles for the Ford F-150, thinks the strike is going to make an impact past Faurceia.

"Probably right now, we're pretty close to Dearborn truck and we'll probably be shutting them down," she said. "They'll have enough parts probably, we were told, for today and the second shift but after that they're going to be pretty short."

White said workers will be out striking all weekend, possibly even longer until their demands are met. 

"A lot of stuff -- the building's old, the roof leaks, bathrooms, sometimes the bay doors in the wintertime there's a lot of people actually working with winter coats on. It's like, come on now. We come in and we work, we try to take care of our families. You've got to give us a little something," he said. 

Faurceia has not yet commented on the strike.