2 Children Found In Vehicle After Police Chase, Crash

June 13, 2019 - 7:50 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - A woman is under arrest after leading a police chase that ended in a crash on Detroit's east side -- all while two young children were in her vehicle. 

The incident unfolded around 3 a.m. Thursday when Warren police officers tried to stop a Ford Ranger near 8 Mile and Schoenherr roads for an unspecified traffic violation. When she refused to stop, officers initiated a chase -- albeit a slow one.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said the woman was driving below the posted speed limit and simply wouldn't pull over. At one point, a man in the passenger seat was seen holding his hands in the air out of the window.

"During the pursuit, the Ford stopped twice but fled when officers exited their scout car," Dwyer told WWJ's Michael Cohen. "It wasn't a high speed pursuit. They stopped for red lights and stop signs."

The chase lasted for several minutes before officers decided to call it off. Shortly thereafter, the Ranger rear ended a vehicle at 7 Mile Road and Mount Elliot.

Officers quickly responded to the crash scene and placed the 29-year-old woman under arrest. They also discovered the woman's 7-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter inside the vehicle. A black male passenger ran from the scene and was not located. 

"Protective Services was contacted to take custody of the children," Dwyer said. "The female claims that the black passenger was holding a knife to her throat, but officers seem to think this is not true at this time. But the investigation continues."

The driver in the other vehicle suffered a minor injury in the crash and was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

An investigation is ongoing. Charges against the woman are pending.