east side police situation

One of the suspect is taken into custody. (Photo: Jon Hewett/WWJ)

6 Arrested After Homicide Investigation Leads To Armed Standoff In Detroit

November 08, 2018 - 4:00 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - Six people have been arrested in Detroit, according to police -- three of them linked to a homicide on Halloween.

Michigan State Police and local authorities were on the scene, Thursday afternoon, of a situation involving "multiple armed suspects" in the area of near 7 Mile Rd. and 1-94, on the city's east side.

According to police, investigators were following up on a tip in connection with an Oct. 31 fatal shooting of a 15-year-old boy when they came across two groups of young men shooting at each other. 

An armed suspect ran into a home in the area of Duchess St. and Moross Rd., with 15 people inside, including five children.

"While our officers were conducting their follow up investigation they observed a shootout take place between two groups," said Detroit Deputy Police Chief Alvin Barron. "The shootout originated from inside of that home." 

There was a standoff that lasted two hours, police said, before six arrests were made, including the primary suspect, 26-year-old Antonio Hubbard. 

No injuries were reported.

Reporting from near the scene, WWJ's Jon Hewett said police had about five-block section of Morross condoned off eastbound from Kelly Rd. down to Whitehill St.

"I can tell you I've seen ATV agents, SWAT responders gathering outside of vehicles up and down the block," Hewett said. "There's police helicopters above."

While police said the situation at the home has been resolved, they're still looking for additional people who may have been involved.

Precautionary lockdowns at nearby Denby High School and Casleton Elementary School have been lifted, police said, although residents are being asked to avoid the area or shelter in place for the time being. 

There was no information immediately released about the people in custody.

Police said the kids in the home were placed in a safe location.

WWJ Newsradio 950 is gathering more details. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.