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photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell

Airport Officials Ready To Demolish LC Smith Terminal

It'll become a de-icing station.

June 24, 2019 - 9:14 am

(WWJ) Final departure is being set at Detroit Metropolitan Airport  in Romulus for the old LC Smith Terminal.

Preparations are underway before the wrecking ball levels the structure, which was replaced by the North Terminal in 2008. 

Bryant Holt, chief development officer for the Wayne County Airport Authority, says time and progress have left the 51-year-old terminal behind.

"Unless you were a traveler who had a reason to go in there, I don't think that kind of emotional tie is there anymore, especially with our brand-new terminals....I think most of our passengers have long since looked past LC Smith as a destination terminal," Holt said.

Plans for that space vacated by the former terminal include a de-icing station and overnight parking for planes.

The LC Smith Terminal Building -- known at the time as Terminal 1-- was built in 1958. The demands of modern air travel outgrew the terminal by the time it was mothballed 11 years ago.