Become A Blood Donor During National Blood Donor Month

A single blood donation can help three people

Dr. Deanna Lites
January 07, 2019 - 1:07 pm
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(WWJ) January is National Blood Donor Month: a time to raise awareness on the importance of donating blood.

According to Dr. Martin Bluth, Professor of Pathology with Wayne State University, blood is used every two seconds in the U.S., which is why there's a constant need.

"The different kinds of products that are required for blood utilization -- whether it's red cells, or plasma, or platelets -- are in constant demand simply because there's a shelflife to them," he told WWJ's Dr. Deanna Lites. "For example, platelets have an out date of five days."

Another factor, Bluth said, is the nation's aging population. He daid as people get older and live longer, the need for blood increases.

"It's not just blood for car accidents, in terms of needing it for a trauma," he explained. "People who have gastrointestinal hemorages, ulcers that bleed, cancers that wipe out their blood provisions, they are more prevalant because we live longer."

One blood donation can help three people.

To learn more about becoming a blood donor, visit this link.