Lisa Posthumus Lyons Facebook

Bill Schuette Names Lisa Posthumus Lyons As Running Mate

August 15, 2018 - 9:40 am

LANSING (WWJ) - Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette has made a decision on his running mate. 

Schuette on Wednesday named Lisa Posthumus Lyons as his pick for lieutenant governor and running mate.

The 38-year-old Kent County Clerk has served three terms as a Republican member of the House of Representatives (2011-2016). Lyons is the daughter of former Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus who is currently serving as legislative liaison for Gov. Rick Snyder.  

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said Lyons is not the woman many people assumed would be on the ticket.

"The popular wisdom was Bill Schuette really wanted a female running mate from Macomb County. Her name? Candice Miller," Skubick said. "But with some family illness problems at home, she does not want to be lieutenant governor."

Trump and his supporters are not as strong in Kent County and that's a consideration for Schuette in his bid to win the race for governor. 

"[Lyons> has a strong track record in West Michigan where Mr. Schuette wants to pick up some support," says Skubick. 

"During the campaign for president she was highly critical of Donald Trump - she basically said because of his conduct he had not earned her respect nor her vote. Juxtapose that to Mr. Schuette who has hooked his wagon to Donald Trump, hook, line and sinker. One of the first questions out of the box tomorrow will be 'Ms. Lyons, how do you reconcile your criticism of Donald Trump with your running mate Mr. Schuette's embrace of Donald Trump?'" 

Her Facebook profile highlights her position as "Pro-Life and Pro-2nd Amendment."

The timing of the announcement is a factor. Democrat Gretchen Whitmer's announcement of a running mate is expected next week. 

"I've proposed a minimum of 3 debates. Families deserve to know the records of the candidates and know where we are likely to steer #Michigan. I am sure Sen Whitmer agrees that conducting at least 3 debates is the right thing. I'm looking forward to it.," reads the Tweet. 

"This would reverse the recent trend of just 1 gubernatorial debate in 2014 and 2010 - when Snyder was the Republican nominee #MIGov," says AP's David Eggert.