Birmingham, Farmington and Plymouth-Canton Schools Go Remote [FULL LIST HERE]

WWJ News
August 12, 2020 - 8:22 am

(WWJ) Birmingham, Farmington and Plymouth-Canton schools are the most recent districts to choose starting the year remotely after separate Board of Education decisions Tuesday night.

In Birmingham, the call to keep classrooms closed was made after a nearly three-hour long meeting.

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Some argued for a hybrid plan with a combination of in-person and online learning, but in the end that lost out. Some had even rallied outside Groves before the meeting, begging the district to open for in-person learning.

The superintendent said the online plan will continue until November, when it will be reevaluated.


Meanwhile, in Plymouth-Canton, officials plan to evaluate their online learning plan a month earlier than that -- by October. 

Their plan includes transitioning kids back to classrooms by October 4 if coronavirus statistics bear it out at that time. 

These districts are the latest to make a definitive decision about a return to learning, but every district has to have a plan in place by August 15.

One of the few districts to return to classrooms is Detroit, which plans to return to in-person learning with safety measures like temperature checks, mask requirements, and closing buildings for deep cleaning whenever a case is confirmed. Officials say classrooms will have a maximum capacity of 20 students per class.

The largest school district in the state, Detroit will also offer remote learning. 

Utica, the second largest district in the state behind Detroit, approved a remote classroom through Oct. 30. That's when early plans call for in-person sessions to resume for some while others can continue to participate in the 100 percent online virtual academy. Livonia has the same plan -- starting online and moving to classrooms potentially in October.

“We want our students’ year to be memorable not because of COVID-19, but because they built great teacher student relationships, had opportunities to learn amazing things, and were inspired to achieve beyond what they ever dreamed,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said.

 As schools grapple with the best way to return to learning, the Romeo Community Schools is giving parents the option to choose. While nothing is final, the district says it does intend to offer in-person, virtual and hybrid learning options for students in the fall. has a comprehensive list of every district in metro Detroit and where they stand in reopening plans. See it HERE.