"Blindspotting" Tackles Some of Society's Most Pressing Issues - Creatively

The movie will shock you at times, make you mad at others, but also get you laughing.

Terri Lee-Sylvester
July 27, 2018 - 3:11 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - New in theaters this weekend: the very creatively-made feature film "Blindspotting."  But, do you happen to know what the term "Blindspotting" refers to?  It's no surprise if you don't.  And not many people will until they see this movie, so Daveed Diggs, one of the co-stars, tells us.

"It's a slang term made up in the film," Diggs told WWJ's Terri Lee during a promotional visit to Detroit in June.  "But, it's to refer to the fact that your perception of anything is inherently colored by your experiences.  So, two people who are looking at the same thing are never gonna necessarily see the same thing."

In the film, Diggs stars as Collin, who is just trying to make it through his final three days of probation, while looking for a new beginning. 

"Collin, driving home one night, witnesses the police shoot an unarmed black man, and the story really is about the next three days, how Miles and Collin's friendship has to be re-examined based on their different, their fundamentally different, responses to the changing world around them," Diggs told Lee.

The story takes place in Oakland, California, which is central to the story, and the hometown of both Diggs and Rafael Casal, who co-stars as Collin's best friend Miles.

"This period in the city ... and in Collin's life is very testing for Miles because of the changing of the neighborhood, means a changing of his identity that he's fought so hard to establish," Casal said.  "He's finally comfortable in his own skin where he is, and now it's changing.  And, Collin is trying, to a certain degree, to reinvent himself.  And Miles is like fundamentally opposed to this reinvention, the whole idea is like stay true to who you are; stay true to your roots."

Long before "Blindspotting," Casal became a two-time National Slam Poetry Champion, then emerged as a standout on HBO's Def Poetry Jam.  Diggs studied theater at Brown University, started an experimental hip-hop group, and went on to become an early collaborator with Lin Manuel Miranda on the Broadway smash Hamilton.  After going their own ways and forging their own successful careers, the two longtime friends reunited for Blindspotting.  The movie uses a very creative approach to take on some of society's most pressing issues; using spoken word, drama and even comedy to get its point across.

It's a movie that'll shock you at times, make you mad at others, but it'll also get you laughing.  

On a side note, it's been awhile since audiences have seen Tisha Campbell-Martin on the big screen, but she's back in Blindspotting, starring as Mama Liz.

See you at the movies!

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