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Vickie Thomas WWJ

Brace Yourself: 170 Miles Of Road To Be Under Construction

"We were hit a little hard this season"

April 30, 2019 - 3:50 pm

The roads in Wayne County are going to be painted with orange barrels this year, as it prepares to put $82 million into 99 road projects planned to improve roughly 170 miles of road.  

Those projects include 30 road construction projects, 10 bridges and 59 heavy road maintenance covering both primary and local roads. Department of Public Works Director Beverly Watts says projects will span across the county.

“If I’m residents in the city of Detroit,” said Watts, “and I’m looking at Outer Drive from West Six Mile all the way down to Livernois, I’m saying, ‘way to go Wayne County.’ Again if I’m in Dearborn. We were hit a little hard this season on a road on the stretch Outer Drive in Dearborn and it was bad.”

Major areas of construction are Outer Drive between Seven Mile and Livernois as well as Rotunda Drive and Michigan Avenue in Dearborn which are being resurfaced. the reconstruction of West road Bridge and Frank and Poet Drain and Livernois in Detroit. West Road Bridge in Trenton and the four Hines Drive Bridges are being reconstructed.

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans is convinced that there’s still more that needs to be done, but is positive that more funding is inbound.

“I am the eternal pessimist, but I am optimistic on this issue,” said Evans, “I think at some point the public is going to make [the government] put up or shut up. I think the public is sick and tired of bad roads. The general public is smart enough to say, ‘look, I don’t like the gas tax, but I don’t hear another solution.’”

Wayne County also has an app, Wayne County Connect, where you can report potholes and other road issues.

“Were really trying to make sure that we have an interactive relationship,” said Evans, “where people can actually send us what it is, because a lot of times our engineers will look at it and it will be more egregious than the actual picture because they have the engineering ability to say, ‘uh oh if we don’t get to this pretty soon it’s going to do something else.’”

The app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Roads aren’t the only thing getting a facelift in Wayne County. There are 13 capital improvement projects relating to the parks department.

Those project include renovations to the Nankins Mills Interpretive Center, improving technology in the classrooms and new and improved animal habitats, a new boardwalk in the Holiday Nature Preserve along the Middle Rouge River and two mountain bike trails Lakeview and Riverview in Hines Park.

The park renovations will cost the county over $5 million dollars.