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California City Decides To Rename Manholes 'Maintenance Holes'

Berkeley is removing all gendered language from its city code.

July 18, 2019 - 4:52 pm

WWJ -- The city of Berkeley, Calfiornia, is taking measures to remove all "gendered language" from its city code.

That includes a change that now refers to manholes as "maintenance holes," according to multiple reports


NBC Bay Area says "Berkeley is always leading the way when it comes to progressive laws and Wednesday it added another to the list." The city is moving forward with plans to remove all gendered language in the code, a proposal led by the city council's youngest member, Rigel Robinson. 

"A male-centric municipal code doesn’t reflect the reality of the city of Berkeley," Robinson said, according to NBC Bay Area.

There are numerous other parts of the city code that will see changes based on gendered language. Personal pronouns like "he," "she," "him" and "her" will instead be "they" and "them." Any mention of "brother" will be changed to "sibling," while "fireman" will become "firefighter;" anything that is "man-made" will be referred to as "artificial," and all instances of "men and women" will be replaced by "people," according to NBC News.

The update to the city code -- which is expected to become official in August, pending further review -- is expected to cost the city around $600.