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Cancer Patient Suing State Over Shortage Of Medical Marijuana Products

The woman says she's no longer able to safely and reliably get the products she needs.

June 05, 2019 - 4:51 pm

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WWJ) -- A local woman battling cancer is suing the State of Michigan over a shortage of medical marijuana products.

Sherry Hoover, a 57-year-old retired nurse and grandmother who lives in Oakland County, is fighting stage 4 cancer. Hoover, who has battled the disease for eight years, says she is no longer able to safely and reliably obtain her much-needed Cannabis products due to lack of availability. 

Under new marijuana laws during the state's transition to making marijuana mainstream, caregivers can no longer sell untested weed to dispensaries. It now has to go through a long process that ends with testing, but there are only four facilities in the state to do so.

Hoover was diagnosed with Mastocytosis Leukemia in 2011 and has fought through her treatment, at one point appearing to have died before being brought back after more than four minutes, according to a press release. Hoover previously used Vicodin, Norco and Fentanyl patches, along with other painkillers but found cannabis products allowed her to eat, sleep and function better. The products she needs are not available with her current caregiver and soon, the supply will likely run out virtually system wide, leaving Hoover to break the law and go to the black market.

Amy McKinnon-Glun with the Curing Corner in River Rouge, says the way medical marijuana users are being treated is not fair.

"You don’t go into a hospital and get treated like they’re treating patients right now. It would just never happen," she said.

Hoover has been without her RSO oil for three weeks and says she can’t sleep through the pain.

"It’s like they give it to us, take it away, give it to us, take it away. No. It has to be controlled better and it has to be more for the patients."

The suit, filed by attorney Michelle Donovan in United States District Court, Eastern District on Hoover's behalf, seeks to allow caregivers to go back to selling untested weed at the dispensaries until the backlog is gone. The lawsuit alleges the denial of due process of her ability to obtain cannabis products.

At a press conference in Royal Oak Wednesday, Hoover pleaded with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to help her out.

"I know she cares, I know she has a heart and I know she wants things to be right. And I really do appeal to her, woman to woman, mother to mother," Hoover said.

Michelle Donovan Attorney at Butzel Long who represents Hoover said, “Our client is filing a complaint as her due process rights are violated due to lack of access to obtaining her medical marijuana treatment”.