Canton Man Arrested, 6 Suspect Vehicles ID'd After Drivers Shut Down Lodge To Do Donuts

July 01, 2019 - 3:22 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit police have arrested one suspect and identified six vehicles in connection with dangerous shenanigans on the Lodge Freeway.

A video tweeted Saturday shows a group of cars blocking M-10 in Detroit Friday night so that other cars could do donuts on the freeway. While people hoot and holler and tires squeal, a woman yells: "We're taking over Lodge, N-word," and "We're on the Lodge with it!" ((See the video HERE))

Less than amused about what he called a "blatant disregard for public safety," Chief James Craig said an arrest was made within a few hours of the incident. 

Craig said a Canton Township man now in custody was allegedly behind the wheel of a green Dodge Charger Hellcat seen in the video.

"What he was arrested for was he didn't have a driver's license, so we took him into custody for that," Craig told WWJ's Vickie Thomas and other reporters. "He was also cited for a number of issues: tinted windows...excessive noise. And while those might seem like minor events, our investigation is continuing relative to this 25-year-old man from Canton."

Craig said he's considering a range of additional traffic charges as well as others, like malicious destruction of property. The Hellcat has been seized.  "He shows up at many locations; he has a very distinctive car," Craig said. "If he's lucky to get the car back he'll probably have it painted, but we'll find it. It won't be hard."

As the investigation continues, Craig said police have identified six additional suspect vehicles involved in the incident. 

"So what we're in the process of doing is conducting a forensic review of each of those vehicles," the chief said, noting that four of the six suspects they are seeking live outside the city of Detroit. 

"Because they probably figure I'm not gonna do it in Canton, I'm not gonna do it in Novi, so let's just take over the Lodge Freeway," Craig said. "It's not going to happen; it's just not gonna happen. There's a zero tolerance. You endanger too many lives."

Michigan State Police, who patrol the freeways, are assisting with the case. 

"Remember that there's always helicopters in the sky, there's cameras around," said MSP First Lt. Mike Shaw. "And our criminal friends are doing the awesome responsibility of putting themselves on social media so we can find them."

City Councilman Andre Spivy said he was the one who alerted Craig about the incident, after his 17-year-old son showed him the video on social media.

The name of the man in custody, and details about the suspect vehicles, were not immediately released.