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Chicago Bar Posts Rules Including 'No Cubs Fans;' 'No Trump Supporters'

January 23, 2019 - 12:56 pm

(WWJ) A new Chicago bar has posted some house rules -- a few of them raising eyebrows around town and the internet.

A rundown, seen in a photo shared by The Hyde Chi on Instagram, lists "No Cubs Fans" and "No Trump Supporters" among a total of 16 rules for the self-described speakeasy, located in the city's historic Hyde Park neighborhood.

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(Photo: The Hyde Chi)
It's all in good fun, according to bar management, who said as much in a caption posted along with the rules.

"These are the rules of the house making their rounds. There’s no room for negative people in our house. If you don’t understand the industry and are ignorant to the humor in this then do us a favor and hit that unfollow button. We don’t want you to rub your negative vibes on us."

Reaction has been mixed. Instagram user skwelter1 was among those taking it lightly, commenting: "I mean, I’m a cubbie girl, but everything else on this list is hilarious and amazing. Good on ya."

Perhaps unsurprisingly some others aren't laughing. 

"Didn't a bunch of leftists go haywire over a baker in Colorado that refused business to a customer over religious beliefs? How is this ANY different," wrote shanekosmach7, while jim.tillotson chimed in: "Why don’t you ban white males while you’re at it?"

Other rules include, "No Shoes, No Teeth, No Service," and "Turn off your f-- phone." See the full list HERE.