City Wants Names Of People Lying About Living In Detroit

They've gone to court to make it happen

April 18, 2018 - 5:58 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - More people are moving to downtown Detroit but fewer are admitting it and that's a problem for city coffers according to the mayor. 

Now, the city is taking action, including the unusual move of demanding landlords disclose the name or names of their tenants. 

Mayor Mike Duggan is pursuing a regulation requiring landlords to turn over the names of renters in an effort to track down income tax evaders. 

"You have, in most of the high-rises, in the downtown area - you've got two-thirds of the people claiming they don't live in the city of Detroit. That's not fair to the Detroiters paying taxes. So, we have filed suit against people who are otherwise our friends - we've gotten orders from the court to turn over the names of tenants and we are knocking on doors."

It's widely known that car insurance is more expensive for city residents -- which may also lead people to claim another city as their home.