(photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell)

Condition Of Michigan Roads To Be Focal Point In Race For Governor

"It's time to fix the damn roads."

April 03, 2018 - 8:31 pm

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) - "It's time to fix the damn roads," said Gretchen Whitmer during a campaign stop in the race for Michigan's top job. 

Roads are a top issue among Michigan residents -- and now Democratic gubernatorial candidate Whitmer is saying enough is enough.

She says the state's roads are dangerous and an embarassment for the state that put the "world on wheels." 

"It represents failed leadership" said Whitmer at a Southfield car repair shop. 

"We're going to fix them the right way and we're going to pay for it," says Whitmer. "And we're going to fix it with the right materials, with the right mix to build roads that last - that keep our families safe, that move our economy forward once and for all. Not just a patch job, not more superficial repairs but we are going to do it right with high quality mix to do the job right - once and for all."

The average metro Detroiter pays almost $900 dollars a year in car repairs -- some of which can be chalked up to the condition of the roads.  

"We are fixing our cars instead of our roads," Whitmer says.