Consumers Energy Warns Customers: Impostors Trying To Enter Homes

December 18, 2018 - 10:04 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - They might be wearing hard hats, but they could be scammers. 

Consumers Energy is notifying the public about an increase of impostors claiming to be from the energy provider who are trying to coerce residents to let them into their homes.

"We have received reports from the east and west sides of Michigan from customers who told us that someone posing as a Consumers Energy employee tried to convince the residents to let them into their homes," Chris Bush, Consumers Energy director of corporate security, said in a statement. "Real representatives of Consumers Energy will never use the tactics these imposters are employing such as threatening to shut off service if not let into the home."

How to spot a scam:

  • A contractor or employee for Consumers Energy will always wear a company identification badge and will gladly show it upon request
  • There are times when Consumers Energy does have to shut electric and/or natural gas service off to a home for safety, security and non-payment reasons; however, employees will never threaten to shut off service if you do not comply with immediate demands.
  • We will always provide advance notice if entrance to your home is needed
  • If you are contacted via phone, we never demand payment, ask for personal information or prepaid credit cards over the phone

If you feel you have been targeted by someone acting as a Consumers Energy employee, contact your local police, dial 911, or call the energy provider at 800-477-5050. Consumers Energy is actively working with law enforcement to protect customers.

"Due to the rise in these types of scams from numerous counties in Michigan, we implore customers to be on the lookout and call their local police if they suspect a scam," said Bush.