Medical Marijuana


Council Votes To Uphold Warren Mayor's Veto On Medical Marijuana

September 12, 2018 - 12:11 am

WARREN (WWJ) - The fate of a medical marijuana zoning proposal decided by the Warren City Council Tuesday night -- a measure vetoed by Mayor Jim Fouts not long ago.

The council voted to sustain the veto. Fouts says in addition to the lack of a public meeting on the initiative there's another reason he's against it:

"They are going to hire an outside source to certify whether the decision that the council makes is appropriate or not, that can be done by the building department," says Fouts. "That would cause an unnecessary burden on the taxpayers which I don't think is necessary."

Fouts says according to the city attorney, "what they did would not be legal according to the state statute or the city charter. You have to have a public hearing before the planning commission when you deal with zoning issues, and the medical marijuana proposal deals with zoning issues specifically and they have to have a public hearing, they haven't had that yet." 

Fouts made it clear he's not against medical marijuana - it's not a debate on the issue of pot, rather what he calls procedures the council approved.