Dan Gilbert's CEO Says He's Alert, 'Knew I Was There, Knew What I Was Talking About'

He added that Gilbert is "taking a break."

May 29, 2019 - 2:08 pm

(WWJ) Dan Gilbert is supposed to be on Mackinac Island this week for the annual policy conference that draws government and business leaders from across the state.

Instead, the billionaire Detroit booster is in the hospital recovering from a stroke.

Bill Emerson, CEO of Gilbert's Bedrock company, filled in for the Cleveland Cavaliers owner at the event and gave the first update on Gilbert's condition, saying he talked to Gilbert in the hospital on Monday and the developer was alert. 

"He knew that I was there, he knew what I was talking about," Emerson revealed, adding that at this point Gilbert is doing as well as could be expected. 

At the same time, Emerson says Gilbert is not a one-man show so there's no cause for concern about his properties. Gilbert has hired many talented people for his companies, Emerson said. 

"We know what the mission is, we know what to do, we're executing on that," he told WWJ. 

He added that Gilbert is "taking a break, taking a hiatus and when he returns things are going to be as good or better than when he left."

Gilbert continues to recover from the stroke at an area hospital.