Dave Coulter

Dave Coulter (Photo: Charlie Langton/WWJ)

Dave Coulter Appointed New Oakland County Executive

August 16, 2019 - 1:31 pm

PONTIAC (WWJ) - Dave Coulter is the new Oakland County Executive.

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners early Friday afternoon voted along party lines to appoint Coulter, who is currently mayor of Ferndale, to take over after the death of L Brooks Patterson early this month

Coulter, a Democrat, is expected to start next Tuesday after the Ferndale City Council accepts his resignation.

After the vote, Coulter said he wants to work with everyone to make the county successful.

"You don't replace Brooks Patterson, right?" he said. "And I don't expect to be able to. I can only be judged on my own merits, and I hope you can give me the opportunity to do that." 

Before Coulter was appointed, a motion to appoint current Oakland County Executive Gerald Poisson failed on a vote of 11-10.

Coulter will remain executive through next year. The seat is for election in November 2020.  

The new development comes after a judge rejected calls for a preliminary injunction to keep Commissioner Dave Woodward off the board after rescinding his resignation.  Friday morning there was about 90 minutes of public comment, including many people who criticized Woodward and the process.  

Poisson, who was Patterson's deputy, was sworn in on August 3. Patterson was laid to rest on Thursday. 

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