(Rob Davidek/WWJ)

Debbie Dingell: 'Compromise Is Not A Dirty Word'

"They need money."

January 14, 2019 - 9:09 am

(WWJ) Another weekend brought no new Washington compromise progress -- so the government shutdown goes on.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell spoke live on WWJ at the Auto Show from Cobo Center, where she said President Donald Trump's wall has become more than an immigration issue. It's become a symbol of division.

"And wow, it's become a bigger symbol of division just with this three-week shutdown," she said. "But there's technology out there. We know we need more customs and border patrol officers, drones, biometrics.  There are packages we should be talking about and doing."

Democrats and Republicans alike have pushed for President Trump to re-open the government while debate over funding for his Mexico border wall continues.

Dingell added that compromise is not a dirty word. Both sides need to come together and put together a package so that federal workers are no longer held hostage to the shutdown, she said.

"I spent this weekend talking to many government workers and I think we sometimes forget the people that are impacted -- Secret Service agents, FBI agents, TSA, the men and women that keep the planes safe, the air traffic controllers, the border and custom control. They are caught in such Catch-22 situations. They need money."

In the name of compromise, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham is asking President Trump to temporarily open the government before he moves to declare a national emergency.