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Detroit Businessman Dan Gilbert Hospitalized After Stroke

He received immediate medical attention and is recovering comfortably

May 27, 2019 - 5:03 pm

The 57-year-old business mogul, Dan Gilbert, was admitted to Beaumont Hospital early Sunday morning after suffering from a stroke.

A statement from officials with the Detroit-based Quicken Loans states that Gilbert was not feeling well so he was taken to the hospital by a family friend. While under care at the hospital, he suffered a stroke and was immediately taken in for a catheter-based procedure, then moved to recovery in the Intensive Care Unit. He's said to be awake, responsive and resting comfortably. 

The director of the Henry Ford Stroke Center, Dr. Alex Chebl, informs people on what to look for when it comes to strokes.

“The simplest way to remember signs of stroke is to think FAST. ‘F’ representing face, paralysis of the face. ‘A’ representing arm, weakness of the arm. ‘S’ is for speech, the slurring of speech or mixing up words. ‘T’ is for time. It’s essential if you, or a loved one, are having a stroke to call 911 because we can now treat and cure some strokes if you get to the hospital quickly enough.”

Gilbert is Quicken Loans’ founder and chairman. He’s the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and owns around 100 buildings in Detroit, including the old Hudson’s site, which is under construction and set to be the tallest skyscraper in the city.

Gilbert's hospitalization comes a month before Rocket Mortgage is to host Detroit's first PGA Tour event and just days before he was set to speak on Mackinac Island Wednesday at the annual policy conference. Quicken's Vice Chair, Bill Emerson, will speak in his place.

The Gilbert family is requesting privacy at this time.