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Detroit Charter School Announces Abrupt Closure Due To Enrollment

Delta Preparatory Academy will close next week.

September 26, 2018 - 9:43 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - A Detroit school is abruptly closing its doors - just weeks into the start of the new school year.

Students arriving at Delta Preparatory Academy in their newish school uniforms with backpacks that have barely been broken in -- were told that this would betheir last week at the school. 

Ron Rizzo is Ferris State's director of charter schools, which runs the academy, says the school missed the projected number by a "significant amount."

He says just under 200 students have been reporting to class.

"They weren't convinced that they had enough money to make it through the year," says Rizzo. "And as painful as this closure is, at this time, they didn't want to get part-way through the year and then perhaps have to close because they didn't have the finances to operate."

Rizzo says that across the state, the declining number of school-age students has made the competition tough.

The school will close on October 1.  

Rizzo says, "the Board certain knew, and we knew that enrollment was low this summer, but to be honest with you that's not an uncommon thing to happen in the Detroit area. Unfortunately, the students sometimes filter in  for a few weeks as school begins and as of September 18 when we had a representative at a meeting, there was no discussion of closure, that was a very recent thing that happened."  

Officials are reaching out to public academies and community groups to try and help place the students.