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(photo: WWJ/Roberta Jasina)

Detroit Mayor Denies Wrongdoing After He's Secretly Followed, Video Shown At City Hall

November 15, 2018 - 1:19 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - The mayor of Detroit is fighting back against allegations of secret rendezvous with a woman at a home in the suburbs.

Local businessman Bob Carmack, who testified in the bribery case against Detroit Councilman Gabe Leland, hired a private eye to follow Mayor Duggan around for months.  He then broadcast the video on a truck with two giant monitors outside City Hall.

The footage appears to show the mayor spending an hour or two at a home at which a woman had earlier arrived.

The mayor and his wife Lori Mahee in a statement call the move a terrible invasion of privacy, and saying the video has been signifficantly doctored to tell an untrue tale.

The pair claim Carmack is bitter over a lawsuit he lost against the city.

Here is the complete statement, issued Thursday:

"A litigant, angry to be losing a case to the Detroit Law Department, apparently decided to retaliate by hiring private investigators to follow the Mayor without his knowledge for several months.  And in the end, their surveillance failed to uncover a single misdeed in the management of the city.

If that terrible invasion of privacy weren’t enough, it got worse. This same angry litigant then took individual videos of cars driving, spliced them together, and added assumptions and insinuations, all so he could create a negative judgment on the state of our marriage.

We decided to write this statement together because we are proud of the marriage we’ve built over 32 years, proud that our bond today remains strong, and proud of our goal to spend the rest of our lives together. 

When you elect a public official you have every right to pass judgment on their performance in office.  But you don’t get the right to pry into their personal lives, or demand information on their marriage. At least that’s how we feel and why we don’t answer questions about ours."

But isn't it illegal to follow someone and video them without their knowledge?

WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton says no.

"Investigators do this all the time," Langton said. "Pretty much every divorce case, if one spouse is cheating on the other they'll send an investigator out, and they spy all the time."

The woman in the video has not been publicly identified. The Detroit Free Pree said she did not return their call seeking comment.