serial killer news conference

Mayor Mike Duggan speaks at a news conference regarding a suspected serial killer in Detroit. (Photo: Vickie Thomas/WWJ)

Detroit Mayor Says Plan In Works To Address Recent Spike In Crime

"The last three weeks have been completely unacceptable"

June 17, 2019 - 12:05 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit's mayor says he's met with Wayne County officials and together they'll working on a plan to respond to a recent surge in crime.

"I have complete confidence in the police department, and I spent some time with Prosector (Kym) Worthy and County Executive (Warren) Evans, and we're going to continue to step up the efforts.," Mayor Mike Duggan told WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas.

"The overall direction has been down," the mayor said. "The last three weeks have been completely unacceptable and it's just very hard to watch." 

While Duggan did not say exactly when details of the plan will come out, he said the overall goal will be to improve safety for residents. "We're going to announce everything together," he added. 

Meanwhile, Duggan said the boarding up and demolition of vacant homes in the city is making a difference.

"With the level of community support, I think there is a whole new urgency in this town over the fact that the demolition needs to move," he said. "I think it's clear we need to put our foot down on the accelerator and finish the job."

Will this help Duggan make his case as he pushes for a $200 million bond to fund blight removal?

"Well, you know, the vast majority of people in the city didn't need any explanation." the mayor told Thomas. "You know, you've had cases in the city where people have had their houses burned because the vacant house next door caught fire and spread to their house. We've had children attacked in these (vacant) houses."

The news from the mayor comes amid an investigation into a suspected serial killer in the city. While a suspect sits behind bars, a squad of 40 neighborhood police officers have been going door-to-door on the east side, checking every open, abandoned home for bodies. When they're done searching the homes, they will board them up.