Credit/ WWJ Joh Hewett

Dirt, Water And Kids: Perfect Mix For Mud Day

It's good clean fun in Westland

July 10, 2018 - 5:53 pm

WESTLAND (WWJ) - Start with 200 tons of topsoil and a little water, well maybe a lot of water, and you've got a some good, clean, caked-on muddy fun. 

It was the return of "Mud Day" in Westland - which drew hundreds of kids to Nankin Mills Park Tuesday with one goal in mind.   

"I didn't really know what to expect," said 10-year-old Gaven Ward of Redford told WWJ's Jon Hewett. "But it's fun. I'm trying not to get my hair muddy - I'm a mud-monster. 

Carla from Dearborn Heights vying for the title of Queen of the Mud. She said she came close. The requirement, according to the 8-year-old is that "you have to get really, really, really muddy." 

She gave props to another little girl who was "way, way more muddy than me. Like you couldn't even see her." 

A truck from the Westland Fire Department on hand to help with clean up.