Danyna Gibson

Danyna Gibson (Photo via Gofundme)

Disturbance Briefly Delays Funeral For Slain Warren High School Student

September 19, 2018 - 2:02 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - A loud disturbance briefly delayed the funeral for a Warren high school student who was stabbed to death by a classmate

Reporting from outside New St. Paul Missionary Church, WWJ's Vickie Thomas said those whose emotional outbursts disrupting the reading of Danyna Gibson's obituary were asked by the officiating pastor to leave the service, Wednesday afternoon. 

Thomas reported that the disturbance delayed funeral proceedings by about 10 or 15 minutes, but Pastor Christopher John Murray was able to quiet the crowd.

"In Jesus name, Jesus name, shh," Murray instructed, over shouts from the audience that include profanity. "If you cannot respect this baby, I'm asking you to leave...It's not about you."

Following the service, Murry told Thomas he wasn't surprised by what happened.

"When you're dealing with the level of emotion and the grief that comes with it, it's nothing that cannot be expected, unfortunately," Murry said. "And so coming into this situation we just wanted to allow what we believe in, as believers of the holy spirit, to get things back under control."

Gibson's great aunt Rosetta Boyd said the disturbance was regarding Gibson's father being recognized in the teen's obituary. 

"Some people don't know how to grieve more than other people," Boyd said. "And regardless of the situation of what happened or what's going on with different families, right now is not the time. We can deal with that later."

"We put my little niece to rest, and she would not even like this because she not a...confrontational person."

Gibson was 16 years old when prosecutors say she was murdered last week by a 17-year-old girl whom police described as her friend.

Witnesses told investigators Tanaya Lewis was smiling and laughing while chasing the victim around a classroom, a detective testified, then stabbing her once in the back as she tried to flee, and once more after she fell to the floor. 

Gibson died at the scene, police said, and Lewis was arrested. 

Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer, the girls were both straight-A students; and the stabbing, Wednesday morning, stemmed from a love triangle involving a boy at the school.

Gibson will be laid to rest Wednesday at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit.

Lewis remains jailed without bond on a charge of first degree murder, awaiting her next court appearance set for on September 27. 

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