Sandy Hook Group Releases Disturbing Back To School Video

Common items re-purposed for shootings and stabbings

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September 18, 2019 - 3:51 pm

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(WWJ) This year my mom got me the perfect backpack for back to school!

Sounds like an upbeat autumn ad for retail sales, right? Keep watching, if you can.

This video making the rounds on social media is from Sandy Hook Promise, the group that raises money and awareness for gun control after 26 people -- including 20 children -- were killed in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Smiling happy faces modeling new school supplies morph into scenes like this: A kid throws his new skateboard out a window to escape a classroom.

New scissors are weapons, new school socks are a tourniquet to stop the bleeding in a hallway.

A child shows off his new school shoes as screams and gunshots are heard in the background. 

WATCH BELOW, but note that it's triggering.

The end brings a PSA you'll never forget. A girl uses her phone in a sparkly pink phone case to text her mom that she loves her while she hides in the bathroom from a shooter.

Many on social media say the video is disturbing. That's the point.

"It's meant to be an intense video," Nicole Hockley, managing director of Sandy Hook Promise, told CNN. Hockley's 6-year-old son Dylan Hockley, was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting. 

She added, "We wanted to focus on this back-to-school time because parents still think of it as this rosy time where you're getting your staplers, shoes, folders and binders," she said. "Whereas, it's back to a time of violence for a lot of kids."