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(Photo: MDOT)

Do-Over: Inspector Finds Glitch In I-696 Project

About 2,500 feet of concrete out of alignment

June 19, 2018 - 10:00 pm

WARREN (WWJ) - It was a big 'oops' for the contractor along I-696 westbound just east of Gratiot. 

MDOT's Project Manager Alan Ostrowski says an on-the-scene inspector noticed the steel beams under about 2,500 feet of just laid concrete were out of alignment - the whole thing needed to be ripped up and redone. 

"The paver was not functioning exactly how it needed to," says Ostrowski. "They had to make some adjustments to their paver so those bars that get placed in the concrete get placed correctly in it. I don't think anybody is at fault. I want to stress, the contractor is just as committed to make sure that this is right.

Do-Over: Inspector Finds Glitch In I-696 Project

"This is exactly how this inspection and testing and oversight is supposed to work."

Ostrowski says they are still on schedule to move the work to the eastbound side of I-696 in late July. 

The contractor is picking up the cost for the extra work - and the project is still on track to be finished in November.