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Drag Queen Story Time At Huntington Woods Library Draws Protest

Is it inappropriate?

December 17, 2018 - 11:58 am

(WWJ) A popular program, drag queen story time at the Huntington Woods public library, is under fire after a commissioner voiced objection and a national group announced plans to protest at an upcoming meeting.

The program headlined by a drag queen named Raven launched in 2017, and regularly attracts 100 people to its once-monthly gathering. She reads books and gives messages of tolerance and inclusion.

City Commissioner Amy Iversen said she was approached by residents who opposed the event. She wrote a letter last year to the youth librarian saying, "I know there is a desperate need for people to understand and accept people that are different. I believe using "Drag Queens" as a means to aid in the process is a mistake. Children are innocent little beings and we as a society should be banding together to preserve that innocence for as long as possible."  

Iversen told WWJ she attended one of the events and found Raven to be a lovely person. But she still questioned if the message was appropriate for the age of the kids in the background. 

Since then, a national group called MassResistance, which "opposes the promotion of gay people in public life," has gotten involved. They announced they plan to protest the next drag queen story time in Huntington Woods, scheduled for Jan. 26.

For her part, Iversen said she strongly opposes outside groups getting involved and she has nothing to do with their protest.

Her final day as a commissioner is next Tuesday, because her family is moving, andIversen told WWJ she plans to deliver a final message about the beauty of people coming together and actually listening to each other and their perspectives without judgment or anger.