Easter Bunny Truck Delights Kids As It Tours Fowlerville Neighborhoods

Even the Easter Bunny is practicing social distancing.

WWJ News
April 03, 2020 - 4:26 pm

FOWLERVILLE (WWJ) - The Easter Bunny had to get to kids a little differently this year. Due to Covid-19 Coronavirus and social distancing, it's practically impossible to get together for things like community egg hunts or to sit on the bunny's lap, but it got some folks in Fowlerville, Mich. thinking. 

Sisters Michelle Soli and Tanya Faye are driving through neighborhoods to spread some Easter holiday cheer.

Cynthia Wagner Casemore shot video of her daughters driving by and posted it to Facebook. Soli is seen in the bunny suit waving at nearby kids and Tanya Faye is driving the truck. 

A schedule was also posted online detailing when and where the bunny trailer would be.

In the post Casemore explained the arrangement and how they would practice social distancing. "Don’t worry everyone they are just driving by people’s houses and waving so everyone will be safe," she wrote.

"My girls decided they wanted to bring happiness and cheer to children since they cannot go see the Easter Bunny so my daughter bought a costume and my other daughter is driving the truck," said Casemore in a message to WWJ.