Entercom Detroit -- Including WWJ, 97.1 The Ticket, WOMC, WYCD And 98.7 The Breeze -- Clean Up For Earth Day


April 22, 2019 - 2:38 pm

(Entercom Detroit) Those pharmacy and grocery store receipts -- you know the ones, they scroll on forever -- where do they go when they fly out of a bag as you load or unload the car?

Staff at Entercom Detroit got an up close and personal look at the answer Monday when they banded together to clean up the wetlands across the street from the offices and road side near the office on 11 Mile Road in Southfield, which houses WWJ Newsradio, 97.1 The Ticket, WOMC, WYCD and 98.7 The Breeze.

The answer is this: They go into the mud, they get stuck in tree branches and on bushes, whisked away by wind and clasped by bare limbs. And they stay there.

So do the plastic 7-Eleven Slurpee cups that people dump out car windows, and the Starbucks paper cups. They pile up alongside plastic bags, fast food wrappers, chip bags, and more.

Our volunteers, more than 30 of them, walked away with those items plus more than a dozen bags full of trash, including a gift shop Mylar balloon on a stick that said 'Merry Christmas,' a cell phone, a fully inflated beach ball, and numerous pizza boxes.

Entercom Detroit volunteers, who ranged from on-air hosts to sales people and promotions staff, program directors, and digital producers were hot, their arms scratched and their sneakers muddy. But no one complained. Spirits were high.

Across the company's more than 200 radio stations, staff cleaned up parks, planted trees, worked at urban farms, picked up cigarette butts, scoured beaches, and more. At more than 50 Earth Day events, Entercom engaged more than 3,000 volunteers.  

CEO David Field got his hands dirty, too, joining the team in Philly. 

Field Tweeted that he was "excited to be joining over 3,000 members of the Entercom team today working on Earth Day volunteer projects in all of our markets. Proud of our team and our longstanding commitment to the environment and making a meaningful difference to the planet & our communities."

On Earth Day and every day, Entercom urges the communities they serve to do 1 Thing to improve their environment. Those 1 Thing decisions add up.

What's your 1 Thing?