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Every State's Top Google Search This Christmas

Michiganders were looking to do some shopping, according to this study.

December 23, 2018 - 4:52 pm

WWJ -- This Christmas season, the team at wanted to know what Americans are Googling the most around Christmastime -- From “Is the Grinch real?” to “Where to buy coal” to even “Tinder,” they did a study to find the most-Googled queries in every state.

There were a number of silly results, such as Texas asking "Is the Grinch real?" or Ohio wondering where you can buy coal.

Michiganders, along with three other states, mostly wanted to search for "" SatelliteInternet says "We’re guessing everyone was eyeing goodies to buy with their Amazon gift cards. Or maybe they just wanted to return the ugly Christmas sweater their Great Aunt Bea got them?"

Searches for Amazon were among the top searches in most states, but it hit the top of the list in Michigan, Connecticut, Florida and New York.

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People from Rhode Island must be feeling romantic around the holidays, as their state's top search was for "Tinder," the social media dating app.

Many states asked pragmatic questions like what stores and restaurants are open on Christmas -- Colorado is wondering which liquor stores are open.

See the full results of the study.