(credit: Roberta Jasina/WWJ)

EXCLUSIVE: WWJ First To Ride On New Pavement Of Massive I-696 Construction Project

It's about 35 percent done.

July 30, 2018 - 9:00 am

WARREN (WWJ) -- Get a video sneak peek at the pavement laid on westbound I-696 as Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Project Manager Alan Ostrowski and spokeswoman Diane Cross take WWJ Newsradio 950 morning anchor Roberta Jasina on a tour of the rebuild.

The project is 35 percent done. The price tag so far is about $30 million, according to Ostrowski.

Forty contractors and 500 staffers have been working on rebuilding the Reuther for months. The stretch is expected to open in early November.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts had raised concerns about the construction sending rats into neighborhoods, but there have been no complaints.

With an aggressive schedule and recent rains, the job site has maintained a good safety record. "No injuries reported due to any accidents on site," said Ostrowski. 

MDOT is happy with the work so far. "Everything is meeting our standards and specs. We're doing all the testing and inspection and oversight that needs to be done to make sure we have a long-lasting durable pavement," said Ostrowski.

They've had aerial photography of the project, but no aerial video although a drone was recovered at the site. Ostrowski said no other treasures were discovered during the dig and no human remains either. Sorry, Hoffa watchers. 

Do people thank them when the project goes well? "Some will. We don't quite get the volume of praise as we do complaints," said Ostrowski.