Robert Stanzler (screen grab) video by Ibrahim Mission

Fallout From Spitting Incident In Eastern Market Grows

July 23, 2018 - 11:18 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - The consequences for a confrontation in Eastern Markert which included an obscene gesture and spitting on a man have grown dramatically. 

On Tuesday, Robert Stanzler, 50, owner of The Detroit Mercantile Co., angrily confronted a security guard in a parking lot -- the tirade captured on video - spitting on 29-year-old Ibrahim Mission - then walking away. 

National brands are backing away from allowing their product to be sold at the store -- Carhartt, Stormy Kromer and Detroit's Tait Design Company among them. On Friday, Eastern Market Corporation released a statement on Facebook which read, in part, that Robert Stanzler, is immediately suspended from selling at the market.

"... in a dispute with a security guard from a neighboring business, Robert Stanzler, owner of Detroit Mercantile, was recorded acting in a vile and disgusting manner. We give no support to such behavior." 

The incident arose over event parking near the store at 3434 Russell Street and a neighboring space. Apparently, Stanzler was upset over people parking in his portion of the lot to attend a nearby event. 

Mission was stationed in the parking lot for security. He recorded the incident as it became heated and called police afterward. The video has been shared by hundreds and viewed almost 75,000 times.

In the days that followed Stanzler took to social media to apologize for the ugly behavior, Crain's Business saying, "in a post that has since been removed or privacy settings changed, saying his "behavior was unconscionable, offensive, and disrespectful of another human being."

The Facebook page for Detroit Mercantile has been shut down. The comments regarding the company and its owner on other pages show a community in outrage.

Brandon Blance : "Wow big bro you did the right thing honestly. Either way I wouldn’t be able to put you in the wrong wether you punched him or maintained discipline but maintaining discipline takes a lot more work. A savage can react by punching someone but a savage wouldn’t be able to overcome his emotions and think about what’s best for the situation. May Allah bless you bro" 

Jennifer Norton wrote: "This really bothered me!"

The link to Detroit Mercantile's Instagram account goes nowhere and their Twitter page only shows posts from 2016. 

Stanzler was arrested on the scene and later released. He's being charged by Wayne County Prosecutors with misdemeanor assault and battery.