Family Escapes As Fire Rips Through Highland Park Home

July 10, 2018 - 8:05 am

HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) - A family in Highland Park made a harrowing escape after fire quickly spread through their home overnight.

The fire broke out just before 6 a.m. Tuesday at a home on Tuxedo Street, not far from Woodward and Chicago.

Demetrius Sikes was just starting his morning when he noticed smoke in the living room. 

"I'm glad I was awake and I seen a little smoke come from behind the couch. And then when I looked, I seen a little flame," Sikes told WWJ's Charlie Langton. "But by the time I went to get a bucket of water, the whole couch was on fire."

He knew he was in trouble, so Sikes sprang into action and went straight for his cousin, who has cerebral palsy.

"I had to pick her up and get her out of there. First I laid her out the bed and laid her on the floor, because I was going to try to put the fire out. But by the time the bucket filled up, I knew there wasn't no hope for that," he said. 

Three other children and an adult made it out of the house safely. 

A cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The home, which was built in 1927, is a total loss.