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Fed Standards For Cherry Pie May Change Under Trump

'Cherry-Ish' May Be OK In The Future

April 22, 2019 - 9:47 am

(WWJ) Does a cherry by any other name taste as sweet?

Americans may be about to find out as the Trump administration slowly moves to deregulates federal food standards.

Standards for Traverse City's favorite export are in the crosshairs as the Food and Drug Administration considers a measure that would eliminate the current rules for anything that seeks to be called a "cherry pie." Current rules say that for anything in the grocery store to earn that label, the contents of the pie have to be at least 25% real cherries and 15% of those fruit gems have to be unblemished. But those rules may be cut in the effort to streamline governmental regulation. 

"Plans to get rid of the obscure rules had been tucked into the Trump’s administration’s deregulation agenda," per the Detroit News.

No other fruit pie has similar rules, so some in the food community are celebrating the possible change.

Others, especially in cherry-rich Michigan, say the change wouldn't cause them any consternation.

"It wouldn't really affect us much as we have local cherries, and plenty of them, in our pies," said Samantha at the Grand Traverse Pie Company, which is known for its signature berry pies. "We always have real cherries, they're so easy to get around here," 

In addition to cherries, the FDA also plans to take another look at milk. Per current federal regulations, anything labeled as "milk" has to come from a cow. That leaves soy, rice and almond drinks out in the cold.

While the dairy industry is pressing to maintan the status quo, others are ready to expand the definition.