Fill Up Your Gas Tank Today, Prices Are About To Rise

Here in Metro Detroit, the average cost is $2.71. 

June 17, 2019 - 9:10 am

(WWJ) Word of advice, you may want to fill up your gas tank today.

Analysts say gas prices have been falling every day since the end of May, but, Patrick Dehaan of Gas Buddy told WWJ that trend won't continue. 

"A lot of stations have dropped the price to where they could have been losing money," Dehaan said. "A lot of those have dropped to $2.19, $2.30, $2.20, and that's traditionally the time that gas stations readjust their prices and move them back to where they're making money again."  

Dehaan predicts the spke at the pump could happen as soon as later today. He says lower priced stations may raise their prices by up to 50 cents. 

AAA reports average gas prices statewide are about $2.63 per gallon, down just over 12 cents from last week. 

Analysts say this is because higher stock levels are balancing out increased demands. 

Here in Metro Detroit, the average cost is $2.71.