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Five Arrested In Prostitution, Drug Bust In Warren

Three women and two men arrested thanks to a tip from the PAID Program

May 24, 2019 - 3:23 pm

Less than a week after Warren issued a crackdown on human trafficking, Operation Crusade, local authorities have arrested three women and two men affiliated with prostitution.

While these arrests are very closely related to Operation Crusade’s agenda, it was actually the PAID Program (People Against Illegal Drugs) that led to these arrest.

“We received information under the PAID program,” Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said, “a tip that there was a house of prostitution and drug house at a location at 6100 block on 10 Mile Road. As a result of that, an undercover officer received probable cause to execute a search warrant.”

The tip led police to the house located on 10 Mile Road, near Mound, where the five criminals were found, arrested and are now facing a laundry list of charges. 

“The charges against the females include, prostitution, keeping the house, which is a felony, possession of crack cocaine, a felony, use of a computer to commit a crime, a 7-year felony. We also had charges against males. Delivery of meth, felony of 20-years.”

The men were also charged with using a computer in commission of prostitution.

Warren is all on in cleaning up their community of these illicit acts.

“It’s an ongoing effort here in Warren,” said Dwyer,” to rid the neighborhoods of any illegal activities. It differs from our Operation Crusade that we announced last week.”

If you have any information about illegal activity, PAID offers a $500 reward for tips.