Flint police rescue baby raccoon

(Photo: City of Flint Police Department)

Flint Police Rescue Baby Raccoon Trapped In Barrel Of Sludge [PHOTOS]

July 11, 2018 - 10:50 am

FLINT (WWJ) - It wasn't your typical police rescue, but a pair of Michigan cops is being credited with saving a tiny resident from almost certain death.

According to the City of Flint Police Department, Officers Maria Reed and Timothy Hilliker responded to a call on Tuesday "a strange screaming noise" only to find a poor baby raccoon was trapped in a barrel full of sludge.

"It was clear the little fella was running out of energy and nearly drowning," police said.

(Photo: City of Flint Police Department)

Jumping into action, Hilliker kicked over the barrel to free the cub, which just lied on the ground from exhaustion.

With the help of a concerned neighbor, the two officers cleaned the raccoon with a hose, dried him off. As seen a series of photos shared by police, Reed cradled the raccoon in a towel as it recovered and the neighbor brought him some food.

The officers contacted a local animal rescue to take the animal for further care.

(Photo: City of Flint Police Department)

(Photo: City of Flint Police Department)

[See more photos from the rescue here].

The department thanked the officers for "going above and beyond," while many responding on Facebook also offered props.

"Oh my word my heart just melted!!!!" Sheral Joslyn commented. "God bless you and prayin' for a long life for the baby!"