Ford Motor Co.

Ford Introduces A New Pick-Up Truck ... Emoji

Designs were released Wednesday.

July 17, 2019 - 3:21 pm

(WWJ) Ladies and gentlemen, designs for a new Ford pick-up truck were released Wednesday to delight of the masses.

Is it the Ford F-450?

No, it's the Ford pick-up truck emoji.

There's officially a day for everything amongst citizens of the internet, and today is World Emoji Day.

If you think there's an internet keyboard character for everything, you're wrong.

There's no pick-up truck emoji -- yet.

WWJ's Auto Beat Reporter Jeff Gilbert says Ford Motor Co. is trying to change that.

With pick-ups so important to the auto industry, Ford's social media manager Eric Grenier said they've come up with their own design.

"We saw an opportunity to sort of create a campaign that appeals across audiences -- rural and urban and age and gender -- and we just look forward to actually bringing the first pick-up truck emoji to the masses," Grenier said.

Ford has been working on designs for the emoji and has gotten through several levels of approvals. 

And it will be, of course, built Ford Tough.

“When customers started demanding a truck emoji, our drive for continuous innovation meant we knew we had to help make it happen,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Given F-Series’ status as America’s best-selling truck for 42 consecutive years, there’s no one better than Ford to help bring an all-new pickup truck emoji to hard-working texters around the globe.”

In 2018, Ford submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium – the organization that reviews and approves proposals for new emoji – to add a truck to emoji keyboards everywhere. Now, the pickup truck emoji has been short-listed as a candidate for inclusion in a future version of Unicode.

The concept emoji’s capable styling has been tuned to meet current trends. “Our team spent a lot of time digging through message boards, texting influencers and watching social media feeds to really understand our customers’ needs,” said Eric Grenier, Ford social media manager. “People want a truck emoji that’s fresh, stylish, carries their ideas, and ‘tows’ the line on what a truck means. The end result is a modern icon that should give all truck fans a smiley face emoji.”

If the pickup truck emoji is approved in early 2020, the design will be customized for all mobile platforms to meet the needs of customers ready to pick up and go.