Michigan Central Station / WWJ Jeff Gilbert

Ford Motor Will Be The Next Steward Of Michigan Central Station

It's a new chapter for the old train station

June 11, 2018 - 10:30 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - The next steward for the old Detroit train station is now in place. 

Michigan Central Train Station owner Matthew Moroun announced Monday that Ford Motor Company is the new owner of the long-vacant and dilapidated building in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood - ending months of speculation about the future of the structure. 

"The next steward for the building is the right one for the future," said Moroun. "Ford's Blue Oval will adorn the building."

WWJ Autobeat reporter Jeff Gilbert reports Ford has some big plans for the station and will be outlining the specifics soon. 

With a beautiful facade and an imposing architectural style, the century-old building has amazing potential. 

Ford Motor spokesperson telling WWJ that the Train Station is only one part of a larger overall picture in the Corktown area that will be announced next week. 

"I can tell you with the community here we can't wait to tell you our plans for the Michigan Central Station and we will do all that, certainly, for the station and for Corktown on June 19," said Deepa Said.  

They've already moved 200 advanced technology employees into the Corktown area. 

Talks have been going on since October between the two parties.