1/13/2016 - File photo dated 25/03/1998 of stars of the American sitcom Friends (from left to right back) Matt Le Blanc, David Schwimmer, (left-right front) Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston as the cast will reunite for a two-hour special, US broadcaster NBC has said. (Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

'Friends' Isn't Actually Leaving Netflix (Yet)

Your "Friends" are still there for you.

December 03, 2018 - 6:30 pm

(WWJ) -- Don't worry, "Friends" fans. Your six favorite 20-somethings in New York City are still there for you.

For now, at least.

Reports began to surface Monday that Netflix would be removing the show from the streaming service at the turn of the New Year.

The reports stemmed from a notice that popped up in recent days under the 90s sitcom's description that said episodes would be available "until 1/1/19."

Now, USA Today reports that there are no immediate plans to drop "Friends" from Netflix, according to an "executive familiar with the show's contract," who spoke anonymously.

Netflix followed up the USA Today report with a Tweet that says the show is sticking around, with the help of the Holiday Armadillo. Could fans of the "binge-worthy" show BE any happier?.

Prior to the report from USA Today, fans were anything but happy, taking to social media to show their displeasure with Netflix -- complete with "Friends" GIFs and videos, of course. Some even threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

While it looks like fans will be able to go back and watch their favorite episodes for the 20th time, speculation is still circulating that the show may come off Netflix in the near future when Warner Media, the show's original creator, launches its own streaming service later this year.

Whoever was responsible for this scare could probably stand to get a little time inside a box, like Chandler had to do on Thanksgiving '97.