Antwan Mims

Antwan Mims (Photos: FBI)

Fugitive Added To FBI '10 Most Wanted' List May Be In Michigan

June 27, 2018 - 11:04 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - The latest addition to the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” may be in Michigan. The agency said Wednesday that Antwan Tamon Mims should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Mims is wanted for the execution-style murders of Cortez Lamont Miller and Michael Canthrell Johnson as they attended a house party at 996 Lavette Street in Benton Harbor, Michigan on March 25.

Investigators say Mims walked up to the two men as they stood together in the front yard and gunned them down in front of approximately 100 people. As both victims were lying on the ground injured, Mims allegedly shot Miller in the back of the head and Johnson in the face, and then walked away.

“Antwan Mims is extremely dangerous and nobody is safe while this individual remains at large,” said Daniel McGinnis, Jr., Director of the Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety. “We are asking for the community’s assistance in locating Mims and beginning the first step of the healing process for the victims’ families.”


Mims -- the 519th addition to the 10 Most Wanted List --  is a known member of the Gangster Disciples Street Gang, according to the FBI. He was born in Michigan and has family and other personal ties to Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, and Ohio.

Micheal Miller spoke at a news conference appealing for the public's help in finding the man who killed his son Cortez. 

Mims is described as a black male, 5'8" to 5'11" tall and around 210 to 265 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. He has tattoos on his left hand, left forearm, right hand, right forearm, and upper right arm and has been known by multiple aliases including Antwan T. Tamon, Antwon Tamon Mims, Antwan Tamon, Jr. , Antwane Tamon Mims, Antwane Tamone , Ricky Moore, Holden Harris, Holden Harris, Jr. , "Tank"

He has warrants out for his arrest on charges of first degree premeditated murder, possession of a firearm by a felon, felony firearms and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. 

“The callused indifference with which Mims carried out his murders has rightly placed this violent and dangerous fugitive on the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted Fugitives’ list,” said Timothy Slater, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Detroit Field Office, in a statement.

 “Our need for the public’s assistance cannot be overstated, and we urge anyone with information related to Mims or his horrific crimes to come forward. The investigative resources of the FBI, Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety, and Michigan State Police are fully dedicated toward protecting our communities from this menace to society. We will never forget, nor will we rest until Antwan Tamon Mims is located, captured, and brought to justice for his crimes.”

As the search for Mims continues, the FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to his arrest. Anyone who sees Mims or knows where he is should not take action themselves, but should immediately call the FBI or local police. 

Miller's father, Micheal Miller appealed to the public for help.

"It hurts bad -- but, you know, we got to also move on," he said, at a news conference Wednesday. "But we've gotta move past this point first by everybody stepping up and doing their part to help get this guy of the street. We all gotta come together as one on this."

Those with information can call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), and tips can also be submitted online at The FBI’s Detroit Field Office can be reached at 313-965-2323.