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Gas Prices Rising In Michigan To Around $3 Per Gallon

April 10, 2019 - 2:57 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - Expect to pay more at the pump, as gasoline prices are again creeping up in Michigan.

Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for, said the average price of regular gas was rising toward $2.99 per gallon across the state on Wednesday.

That's just bit higher than the $2.95 on average they're paying today in Indiana. There's no hike to speak of in Ohio yet, DeHaan said, but it's pretty bad out west, with prices heading toward $4 a gallon in California. 

DeHaan said today's rise is of the "routine" price cycling variety. Stations cut prices to under cost, he explained, and now they're resetting prices back to where they might have been without the undercutting. 

But don't expect a big break on the price anytime soon. DeHaan said metro Detroiters will likely continue to see gas prices steadily rise as we get closer to summer; possibly topping last year's high mark of $3.09 a gallon. 

One thing people may not realize: If the price concerns you, there are good days and bad days to buy gas.

This can vary depending where you live, DeHaan said; but in metro Detroit, the cheapest prices can typically be found on Tuesdays, while Thursdays see the highest prices.


"My hypothesis is that gas prices are lower to start the week because energy markets are closed over the weekend, and markets aren't moving," DeHaan told WWJ's Dan Jenkins. "...But it also could also be demand driven. That is, demand for gasoline is higher going into the weekend, so there could be price movements based on that as well, and stations trying to get ahead of any price changes before motorists spend their weekends filling up."

A recent GasBuddy study found that, nationwide, Monday offers the lowest average gas price, which is consistent with the past two years, while Saturday has been found to be the most expensive day to fill up. 

Plan to pump today? shows the best deal on gas, Wednesday afternoon, was $2.39 at the Mobil at Allen Rd. and Sibley Rd. in Brownstown Township. CostCo members can find gas for $2.43 at the store off Hall Rd. in Shelby Township. 

Gas was going for $2.44 Wednesday at the Circle K on West Rd. at Hall in Woodhaven, and both the Meijer and Kroger stores on Fort St. in Southgate.

The highest price around, according to GasBuddy, was a whopping $3.30 at the BP on 8 Mile at Beech Daly in Redford. 

Find the best price near you at this link.