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Gold Coin Worth $1,300 Found In Salvation Army Red Kettle In St. Clair Shores

The donor is a mystery.

December 06, 2018 - 4:06 pm

(WWJ) The Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign got a big boost when a secret Santa dropped a gold Krugerrand into a kettle at the Kroger store on Marter Road in St. Clair Shores last night.  

The gold coin is worth $1,300.

Staffers think the donation was no accident.

"I think it's just somebody who really wants to make a splash," said Salvation Army Captain Kelsey Marino. "It's anonymous, of course. We don't know who it is, but it's something that gets a little bit of attention. People get really excited, so it's somebody who even though they're anonymous wants to make sure the kettles are getting the attention they need in order to reach that goal."

The mysterious Krugerrand in the kettle has happened every year since 2013. The coin is usally wrapped in in a $1 bill, and it's always found at about the same time at the same location.

But the donor remains a mystery.

The Salvation Army hopes to raise $8.2 million dollars this year with their kettle campaign. Funds go toward food, shelter and other programs.