Gov Whitmer Of Toughest Lockdown State In Hot Water After Husband Tries To Launch Boat

His request was denied.

WWJ News
May 26, 2020 - 9:36 am

**UPDATE: Whitmer Responds To Boat Controversy — Says Her Husband Was Just Joking


(WWJ) She's not confirming it, but Gov. Gretchen Whitmer isn't denying it either.

What is it? A report by a dock company owner in northern Michigan that said Whitmer's husband wanted special treatment when he requested that his boat be placed in the water before the Memorial Day weekend. 

NorthShore Dock LLC and its owner, Tad Dowker, posted on Facebook saying that Whitmer's husband, Marc Mallory, requested that his boat be placed in at the same time the governor was giving public speeches urging people to 'keep their wits about them' and maintain social distancing during the holiday.

When he didn't get an immediate affirmative -- because the dock company said the quarantine and work shut-down pushed their schedule back three weeks -- Mallory allegedly asked if it made any difference that his wife is Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The owner said that moved him from the top of the list to the bottom. After revealing this account, the company later made their Facebook page private.

The Detroit News reported that Whitmer's spokeswoman, Tiffany Brown, didn't confirm or deny the accusation on Monday. Brown said the administration wouldn't address "every rumor that is spread online."

“Don’t descend on Traverse City from all regions of the state,” Whitmer said before the holiday. “If you’re fortunate enough to have a place up north and you’re headed there, bring your groceries with you and try not to go out unnecessarily.”

MLive reported that Antrim County property records show Whitmer and Mallory own a home there.

Public reaction to the dock company's claim was as negative as one would expect. "Typical authoritarian, “Do as I say, not as I do ..." Brett Carter wrote on Facebook.