With A Sidewalk Sign And Doorbell Cam, Grosse Pointe Park Family Lightens Coronavirus Mood One Silly Walk At A Time [VIDEOS]

Passers-by are encouraged to show off their silliest walk for the camera.

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April 28, 2020 - 2:08 pm

(WWJ) Lots of people are killing their time in quarantine by regularly checking out social media. It's a place for news updates, inspiration, commiseration -- and even some laughs.

The Koto family of Grosse Pointe Park is doing almost all of the above while using this time wisely to uplift their neighbors and the world with a simple sidewalk sign and a doorbell cam.

They put a sign on the sidewalk outside their home urging people to show off their best silly walks in front of the house. The sign notes that silly walkers are being captured on the dodorbell cam, and the video will be distributed on Instagram.

The account took off with more than 30,000 followers and 100 of the best silly walking videos this side of a Monty Python sketch.

Walk this way? Indeed.

Liz Koto explained the phenomenon to freep.com, saying, "There are a lot of people who are saying, 'I'm quarantining by myself and this doesn't make me feel alone anymore,' or 'I've been so down in the dumps and I found your page and this really brightens my day. It feels wonderful, but wow, it feels crazy, too. It's that whole sort of feeling of it's a small world, but oh my gosh there are so many people in it."

Check out some of the videos below.

The Ministry has exhausted its overtime budget. Therefore, no caption can be provided for this amusing walk.

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I’m pretty sure these two just won the lotto.

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I present to you the red hurricane.

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Monster Mash.

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The captions are priceless, and word has definitely gotten out about the Koto's attempt to find joy in the unlikeliest of times and circumstances.


"I'm all the way from South Africa ---- and I've come across this Genius," one person wrote on Instagram. ".I thank the Ministry for brightening the lives of those across the seas. ------ and letting you know you've inspired me to go back and watch Monty Pythons Flying Circus again since quarantine doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Thank you and stay safe."

Another summed it up this way, "Thank you, Thank you for making the world a sillier place!------"