'Hateful Remarks' Left On CMU Student's Dorm Room Message Board

November 09, 2018 - 12:51 am

MOUNT PLEASANT (WWJ) - A vigil held Thursday night on the campus of Central Michigan University after "hateful remarks were written on a message board on the door" of a student living in one of the residence halls. 

Bob Davies, president of CMU, said in a statement released on the university's website: 

My sincere apologies and concern go out to our students, their families and their friends. This is an attack not only on three young women of color, it is an attack on all of us. On all of CMU. On all of Mount Pleasant.

I assure you racism, misogyny, bigotry and hatred will not be tolerated on this campus. Many leaders, offices and teams across campus are involved in investigating this, determining our next steps, and supporting those affected and our entire university community.

I want to reassure the three bright, talented students who were targeted by this reprehensible incident that we are proud to have you as members of our campus community. This is your home, your community. And that message goes to each and every one of our students.  

We at CMU stand together against actions like this. We will continue our extensive efforts to educate, to teach, to uphold diversity, equity and inclusion, and to ensure all of our staff respond to such incidents with sensitivity and respect.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity, ocrie@cmich.edu or 989-774-3253.

The university listed several resources for students:

Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Warriner Hall 319

CMU Counseling Center
Foust Hall 102

Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity
Bovee University Center 306

Multicultural Academic Student Services
Bovee UC 108 Suite 112

Residence Life Staff/Care Advocates
Ronan 270