fake parasite story

Screenshot of Facebook (WWJ)

Hoax Alert: No 'Clear Parasite' Found In Dasani Bottled Water

Alarming, bogus story getting a lot of attention

April 04, 2018 - 11:40 am

(WWJ) - An alarming "fake news" story regarding a recall of Coca-Cola products is once again making the rounds on social media.

fake parasite story
Screenshot of Facebook (WWJ)
The article, first published on a clickbait website about year ago, states that the Coca-Cola company issued a recall of Dasani water products after a "clear parasite" was found in bottles across the U.S. 

The fearmongering story -- which has been getting a lot of shares on Facebook this spring -- states, in part: "If you purchase/drink Dasani water you might want to listen up. There has been a major recall by the Coca-Cola company today after several thousand bottles of their drinking water was found to be contaminated with a parasite. It has sent several hundred people to the hospital and is responsible for parasitic symptoms such as fever, rash, vomiting and stomach bloating."

All of that is false, according to Coca-Cola, which said in a statement out in April of 2016: “The source of this false and inflammatory information about our brand is a hoax news website. There is no recall of Dasani being conducted in the U.S.”

The FDA similarly said it was not aware of any recalls or disease outbreaks associated with Dasani.

The image accompanying the bogus post is actually of a flat and transparent eel larva called a Leptocephalus, which in fact is not a parasite. The image was apparently taken from the Mie Prefecture Fisheries Research Institute

The takeaway: Think and research before you share.